AIZEN-X: Social Sentiment Bot

AIZEN-X is the most technologically advanced way to tap into the wisdom of the crowd. It monitors social media on and scans news articles to gauge the sentiment surrounding various financial assets. This sophisticated analysis empowers traders with a unique first mover advantage, enabling them to anticipate market movements based on the collective emotions of the online community.

Key Features of AIZEN-X

Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring

AIZEN-X monitors all Tweets on related to our covered cryptocurrency pairs. This extensive surveillance ensures that no relevant conversation slips through the cracks, providing traders with a holistic view of market sentiment.

Advanced Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Our system conducts Named Entity Recognition (NER) to identify which tokens are being discussed in social media posts. This process helps isolate the specific assets of interest, ensuring precise sentiment analysis for each token.

Sentiment Scoring

Each Tweet is meticulously scored for its social sentiment regarding each respective token. This scoring system enables traders to understand the general mood of the market towards particular cryptocurrencies, aiding in more informed decision-making.

Daily Market Outlook

AIZEN-X provides a “Market Outlook” feature, offering a daily summary of the sentiment surrounding any of the covered tokens. This summary gives traders a quick and comprehensive snapshot of market trends and shifts in sentiment.

Cutting-Edge LLM Technology

Utilizing bleeding-edge Large Language Model (LLM) technology, AIZEN-X ensures the highest accuracy and sophistication in sentiment analysis. This advanced technology allows the bot to understand and interpret the subtle nuances and contexts of online conversations.

Integration with AIZEN Model

The results from AIZEN-X are fed into an enhanced version of the AIZEN model, which is exclusively available to AIZ token holders. This integration amplifies the predictive power of our trading software, providing token holders with a significant edge in the market.

Versatile Integration Options

Stand-Alone Strategy

Traders can use AIZEN-X as an independent trading strategy. By harnessing the power of social sentiment analysis, they can make well-informed decisions about when to enter or exit positions, capitalizing on shifts in market sentiment.

Support to AIZEN Price Prediction Software

AIZEN-X can complement our AIZEN price prediction software. By incorporating social sentiment analysis alongside price forecasting, traders gain a comprehensive view of the market, enhancing their ability to make strategic moves.


AIZEN-X is more than just a tool; it’s a revolutionary approach to understanding market sentiment. By leveraging advanced NLP algorithms and cutting-edge LLM technology, AIZEN-X offers traders unparalleled insights into the collective emotions of the online community. Whether used as a stand-alone strategy or in conjunction with the AIZEN price prediction software, AIZEN-X empowers traders to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market with confidence and precision. Available exclusively to AIZ token holders, this powerful tool represents the future of AI-driven trading strategies.

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