Automated Copy Trading copy trading protocol allows members to replicate trades from an experienced trader's account to their accounts for both spot and leverage trading. The protocol is designed to enable seamless copying of trades, regardless of the trading mode chosen by the members. Whether members prefer spot or leverage trading, they can easily connect their accounts to the bot through an API and begin copying trades from our experienced trader(s). Using an API also ensures that trades are executed accurately and efficiently, regardless of the members' selected trading mode. This allows members to take advantage of both spot and leverage trading strategies and benefit from our experienced trader's expertise in either trading mode. Non-Custodial Portfolio Replication for Hedge Funds and Exchanges provides a groundbreaking solution that allows hedge funds to replicate investment strategies at scale while maintaining control and transparency, eliminating the need for custodial funds. Overall, the copy trading protocol provides a flexible and robust solution for members who wish to replicate trades from skilled and experienced traders in either spot or leverage trading mode while minimizing the risk of loss and maximizing the profit potential.

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